It is very important to know what keeps a Betta HAPPY and HEALTHY. 

These beautiful and intelligent species can live a long life if all the Betta Needs are fulfilled.

    Minimum Aquarium Capacity: 19 Litres


    Water conditioner: Helps to get rid of chlorine and other harmful heavy metals in tap water.


     Heater: Helps to keep the right temperature.(a  must for aquariums with more than 3 gallons)


    Betta Food: Either freeze-dried or pellets made especially for bettas.


     Fish Net (must be flexible and soft) to avoid harming the fish.


    Filter with a minimum flow rate.


     Aquarium Salt can be added to the water in the tank to prevent illness and make breathing easier.


    A biological conditioner can be added for beneficial biological bacteria that “neutralizes” the harmful chemicals in fish waste.


     A choice: Live aquatic plants for beginners that can improve water quality.

  1. Feeding them too much can pollute their water and even kill them.
  2. Do not wash your gravel or an ornament with soap or detergent.
  3. Do not add aquarium salts on a regular routine, you will run a risk of killing your fish.

Significant Information

I. How to add a fish to your aquarium? (refer to our blog here)

II. Water Changes

Once a week

What you need are…

  1. Mini siphon tube
  2. Water dechlorinator
  3. Bucket with pour spout
  4. Water test kit

    Once a month


      Common Diseases and Treatments For Betta Fish


      Symptoms Cottony white growths along the body and/gills.

      Reason: Stress, poor water quality.

      Treatment : Clean water- reduced bioloads and temperature 

      Medicines : 1. Ocean Free Gill, Fungus, Parasite’s Special


      Symptoms : Extreme body swelling and pineconing of scales.

      Reason: Virus, bacterial infection, or parasites.

      Medicines : 1. Aquatic Remedies Bactonil – FW


      Symptoms : Small white dots on body and fins , rubbing on decor.

      Reason: Poor water quality, stress, or contagious companions.

      Treatment: Clean water 

      Medicines : 1. API Super ICK Cure

      Fin & Tail Rot

      Symptoms :Black/Red tattered and receding fin edges.

      Reason: Poor water quality.

      Treatment: Clean water and aquarium salt administration. 

      Medicines : 1. API Melafix


      Symptoms: Bulging eyes.

      Reason: Prolonged exposure to bad water quality, or Tuberculosis.

      Treatment: Clean water 

      Medicines : 1. API Stress Zyme

      Swim Bladder Disease & Disorder

      Symptoms: Floating on side, difficulty swimming or regulating depth.

      Reason: Genetics, overfeeding, or bacterial infection.

      Treatment: Fasting 2-3 days

      Medicines : 1. Aquatic Remedies Microlife S2


      Symptoms: Goldish-yellow rust-like dusting. Rubbing on decor.

      Reason: Stress, cold and poor water quality.

      Treatment: Clean water, 76-81 degrees Fahrenheit. 

      Medicines : 1. Aquarium Salt

      Word of advice

      5 important tips: Warmth – Diet- Well-placed hiding spots-Cleanliness- Water changes

      The best way to begin your fish keeping adventure is with a BETTA.

      You can call us anytime and ask for advice on the best ways to ensure that you create a happy and healthy environment for your BETTA.

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        • anithasonia23 says:

          It is not advised to keep a betta fish in a 10” bowl. You will need a minimum of 15 liters of water. Having said that, 20 or more is ideal.

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