Aquariums DO need good care and maintenance.

It can be challenging at times but a little effort will help give your plants and fish a better healthier life.

Your aquariums cannot have algae deposits, cloudy water conditions, and contaminations due to tap water.

Thus, water care and water conditioners help solve such issues most efficiently.

You can find the best products under the best brands here at Splashy Fin like,

Aquatic Remedies Chlor away removes chlorine, chloramines, and heavy metal components.

API stress removes chlorine and chloramines and detoxifies heavy metals.

Ocean Free helps neutralize your tap water etc.

Choose the product that suits you best among our list of products available HERE.


Ocean Free Anti-Chlorine Special - 240ml: Creates natural water condition instantly by neutralizing fresh tap water and removing heavy metals such as arsenic, mercury, or cyanide normally found in water collected from the lakes and springs.


Water Care & Conditioners

Dr. Ocean Anti Chlorine 30ml


Dr. Ocean Anti Chlorine 30ml is a must-use German fish medicine used to improve the aquarium water quality by removing all harmful gases from water and for the treatment of White spots, closed fins, and fungus in all kinds of fish.


Aquatic Remedies Stress Heal - 50ml: An active ingredient, aloe vera acts as a natural wound healer and greater immune stimulant, reduces fish stress and quickly removes chlorine in tap water, and binds toxic compounds.

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