Give your aquariums a splashy FERN touch.

We bring you a wide variety of Ferns that have originated from all over the world.

They come in all shapes and sizes, from Narrow Leaf Thailand to Windelow Tropica.

No matter what you want – we have them all.

They are all tropical species that do well in a range of water temperatures.

Explore our collection to find the perfect freshwater aquarium fern for your tank.





Microsorum Pteropus - Java Fern: One of the best aquarium plants for beginners is the Microsorm pteropus, also known as Java Fern. It is also a favorite among more seasoned hobbyists, especially those who like the "Nature Aquarium" style. Java fern is very adaptable.


Windelow Tropica - AP102:“ Windelov’ Java fern is very adaptable, and will grow happily in very low light “fish tanks” with no CO₂ but will also do well at much higher light levels with supplemental CO₂ as long as the water is kept clean.  

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