Monster fish are beautiful and majestic fish you’ll ever own.

They require specially designed food that is carefully formulated for good growth performance and health.

We house the best Monster fish food under the biggest brands that offer, 

–  the best health, growth, and color of your monster fish like Flowerhorn.

–  balanced diet formula for your aquarium fish.

– have no artificial synthetic colors or vitamins used

–  made with natural ingredients with no side effects.

Requirements of a few common monster fish loved by all:

Name-Size-Pellets size

Oscar-18 inches-4MM 

Bichirs-30 and 60 cm-3MM 

Flowerhorn- 12 inches-small pellet-1.2 mm

Arowana-31/2 ft-3MM

Ko-36 inches- 3/16-inch diameter


Large Fish Food

Xing Shrimp E – 45gm


Xing Shrimp E - 45gm is a natural fish feed that consists of dried shrimp suitable for  all monster and Cichlid fishes, specially for Arowanas and Flowerhorns.


Ocean Free XO 2 Ever Red - 100gm A uniquely formulated fish food that magnifies the red coloration of all flower horn breeds. The feed is specially processed to help the fish grow.


XO Ocean Free Humpy Head 100gm: A uniquely formulated fish feed that induces speedy head growth and magnifies the red coloration in all flower horn breeds. Also, the high protein in the feed helps the fish grow at a faster rate and improves head growth.

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