Kyorin Food Industries, Ltd. manufactures the Hikari line of fish and turtle food. They make feeds  for koi fish, goldfish, tropical fish, marine fish, cichlids, and other types of fish and turtle food.

On our website Splashy Fin, you can find a variety of Hikari food options to pick from based on the type of fish you have. Biogold fish food, turtle food, tiny pellets, wafers, food sticks, and other items are among them.

Hikari products have a pleasant taste and provide your fish with the proper nourishment for its size. Before creating the ideal diet for the fish, the habitats and eating habits of the fish are investigated.

These foods are quality-tested and approved before being released on the market, ensuring that your aquatic pet receives the greatest nutrition possible.

All of these fish and turtle food items can be found on our Splashy Fin website this is the simplest way to get the best fish food for your fish and turtles.

Original price was: ₹656.00.Current price is: ₹525.00.

Hikari Marine S fish food 50g : Formulated to establish proper metabolism while maintaining good digestive system health. A perfect diet for all smaller marine fish providing all the nutrition they can handle.

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