We stock a large range of Filter Media from top-notch brands like ADA, API, Aquatic Remedies, and more.

Our products come in shapes of rings, pellets, natural stones, granulated and more.

It is a must to filter and clean all fish tanks.

Accumulation of harmful elements is bad for your fish. So, make the right choice from the products listed below.



API Life Aayu Bio Media - 1 Ltr / 500gm is a blend of porous filter media created to mimic the water purification mechanism found in natural aquariums. The Porous natural stone has high permeability and provides an ideal environment for filtration bacteria to colonize.


Ceramic rings white/pc - pack of 10: This ceramic ring provides biological filtration for your aquarium and fish pond, the rings are made very porous, thus making it an ideal home for the beneficial bacteria to colonize.

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