Easy To Grow Aquarium Plants

Do not have the time or resources to set up a CO₂ system, but desire beautiful simple plants in your aquarium?  Aquascaping the aquarium with a wonderful plant is an enormously satisfying hobby. And if you are that enthusiast, here are some perfect plants and easy-to-care-for options. Moss     Moss is an undemanding, hardy plant that […]

Betta ‘CARE’ Tips : The Most Popular pets

It is very important to know what keeps a Betta HAPPY and HEALTHY.  These beautiful and intelligent species can live a long life if all the Betta Needs are fulfilled.     Minimum Aquarium Capacity: 19 Litres       Water conditioner: Helps to get rid of chlorine and other harmful heavy metals in tap water.        Heater: […]

About Splashy Fin

Splashy Fin started as an aquarium store and has quickly grown to be the largest retail gallery in Bangalore for Live Ornamental Fish, Nature Aquariums, Indoor Pool Ponds, Live Plants, Aquarium Accessories and Terrariums. Visit our store and meet our aquascaping experts, botanists and spend some time in one of the most calming galleries in […]

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