Always ensure that your tank is cycled before adding fish to your new Aquarium. Refer to the article on How To Start A New Aquarium, before adding fish to your tank.

Step 1

Wash the outside of the fish bag thoroughly

Step 2

Drop the clean bag into your fish tank and let it get used to the temperature of the fish tank. Let it rest of at least 15 minutes

Step 3

Open the bag and add 1 handful of water to the fish bag from your fish tank. Repeat this step 3 times with 10 minute intervals

Step 4

Pour the contents of the fish bag into your fish net

Step 5

Add the fish into your aquarium.

Add some stress heal or stress coat to ensure minimal stress when introducing fish into your aquarium.

Following these steps will allow the best chance for your fish to get acclimatized to your aquarium.

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